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Breaking news from Cupertino. We’ll give you the latest from Apple headquarters and decipher fact from fiction from the rumor mill.

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AAPL is a California-based computer company that became the most successful smartphone company in the world.

AAPL defined by Apple

Here’s how Apple defines itself:

Apple revolutionized personal technology with the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984. Today, Apple leads the world in innovation with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Apple’s five software platforms — iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS — provide seamless experiences across all Apple devices and empower people with breakthrough services including the App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay, and iCloud. Apple’s more than 100,000 employees are dedicated to making the best products on earth, and to leaving the world better than we found it.

Key AAPL history

From Apple I to iMac

Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs (Steve), Steve Wozniak (Woz), and (briefly) Ronald Wayne as a business partnership: Apple Computer Company. The following year it became Apple Computer, Inc. The company’s first product was the Apple I, a personal computer hand-built by Woz and sold in part-completed kit form. The Apple II and Apple III followed.

The modern Apple as we know it today began in 1983, with the launch of the first personal computer with a graphical user interface, the Lisa. Way too expensive to succeed, it was replaced by the Macintosh in 1984, launched with the single showing of a Ridley Scott commercial during the Super Bowl. The Macintosh transformed the world’s understanding of what a computer was, and would eventually lead to Microsoft adopting the GUI approach.

Steve Jobs and then Apple-CEO John Scully fell out in 1985, when Steve wanted to focus on the Macintosh while Scully wanted to put more attention on the Apple II, which was still selling well. That led to Steve being forced out of the company and going off to form NeXT.

Apple focused on selling Macintosh models at the highest possible margins, but would eventually fall foul of a mix of unsustainable pricing in the face of competition from Windows machines, and an overly complex product lineup. By 1996, the company was in trouble, and in 1997 Steve was brought back, along with the NeXT operating system, which would eventually form the basis of Mac OS X.

Steve simplified the Mac lineup and had industrial designer Jony Ive work on a whole new look for a consumer desktop Mac, the colorful iMac. The iMac, like the original Macintosh, again changed the world’s understanding of what a computer was, and who should want one.

From Apple Computer, Inc. to Apple, Inc.

In 2001, Apple launched the iPod. Although this wasn’t the first mp3 player, it was massively better than anything on the market at the time, and succeeded in turning a geeky piece of technology into a consumer electronics product with mass-market appeal.

The success of the iPod paved the way into other mobile devices. Apple was working on what would eventually become the iPad, when Steve realized that this was the basis of a smartphone. He diverted the team’s work into this, to launch the iPhone in 2007. The iPad launched later, in 2010.

The iPhone was yet another transformational product. While most other smartphones of the time were clunky devices with a keyboard and stylus, the iPhone was a sleek-looking device operated with a finger, and so simple that no user guide was needed. It was with the launch of the iPhone that Apple Computer, Inc. was renamed to Apple, Inc.

From Intel to Apple Silicon

While the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and more are made with Apple-designed processors, the Mac lineup has historically relied on third-party companies for its CPUs. Over the years, Macs progressed from Motorola 680000 series chips through PowerPC to Intel.

In 2020, Apple began a two-year transition to the final stage in that journey, with Macs too finally getting Apple-designed chips. The first such is the M1 chip, used in the latest Mac mini, MacBook Air, and 13-inch MacBook Pro. Other Apple Silicon Macs followed.

AAPL today

Apple is one of the largest companies in the world. It was the first publicly traded company to hit a trillion-dollar valuation in 2018, $2 trillion in 2020, and $3T in 2022.

The company’s product lineup includes five different Mac families (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac mini); four iPad ranges (iPad mini, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro); four iPhone 12 models (12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max); three main Apple Watch models (SE, Series 3, Series 6); as well as other products, including Apple TV, AirPods, and HomePod mini.

In addition to hardware sales, Apple derives a growing proportion of its income from Services, including the App Store, iCloud, Apple Music, and Apple Pay.

Apple expects iPad revenue to decrease next quarter as no new products were launched in 2023

iPad line-up

Apple announced its fiscal Q4 2023 earnings results on Thursday, with revenue of $89.50 billion between July and September. Regarding the iPad, Apple reported revenue of $6.4 billion, down from $7.2 billion in the same period last year. Apple CEO Tim Cook estimated that iPad revenue will “decelerate significantly” in the next quarter as the company hasn’t introduced any new iPads this year.

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Report: Nearly 14% of iPhone units shipped in 2023 were assembled in India

AAPL growth in India | Apple BLK, Mumbai | Apple India iPhone

Apple has invested a lot of money in assembling some of its products in India to reduce its reliance on China. Although it still has a long way to go, a report today by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that nearly 14% of iPhone units shipped in 2023 were assembled in India, showing that Apple is progressing towards its goals.

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AAPL Q4 2023: Analysts optimistic, despite warnings and negative signs

AAPL Q4 2023 analysts optimistic | Sunrise peeks through gray clouds

Tomorrow will see the announcement of AAPL Q4 2023 earnings, at a time when hardware revenue has been falling, and Apple itself has warned investors to expect big year-on-year drops in iPad and Mac sales.

While Apple suggested that the previous quarter might not beat the previous quarter’s $81.8B revenue, and there have been signs that all is not well with iPhone sales, analysts appear optimistic …

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Scary Fast event shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max: Impressive, or a cheat?

Scary Fast event Shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max | Tim Cook standing in front of huge banks of movie lights

Apple’s proud boast that the entire Scary Fast event was shot on the iPhone 15 Pro Max has lead to a lot of discussion and debate about what that really means, and whether or not it’s a big deal.

There are those suggesting it really does mean the camera is something special, while other are suggesting that it’s at best meaningless, and at worst a cheat …

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The first Apple Watch was supposed to launch with blood sugar monitoring; the health battle within Apple

Apple Watch blood sugar monitoring app

A new report based on interviews with insiders says the very first Apple Watch was originally supposed to launch with non-invasive blood sugar monitoring. Indeed, it says, this was intended to be the device’s headline feature.

The piece also reveals battles within the company over how far the company’s health ambitions should go, with some criticising it for targeting the “worried well” rather than those who most need health tech …

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AAPL share price dropped 11% since last earnings report

AAPL share price dropped | Illustrative stock price graphic on phone and monitor

AAPL’s share price dropped by 11% since the company’s last earnings report in August, losing more than $400B in market capitalization. The fall is discussed a couple of days ahead of Apple’s next earnings report, on Thursday.

A new report notes that this is the first time in eight years that the company’s share price has dropped between WWDC and fiscal Q4 earnings report …

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Apple sends iPhone hack warning to Indian opposition leader; walks tricky line

iPhone hack warning | A copy of the alert message from Apple

Apple has sent iPhone hack warnings to the leader of India’s main opposition party, alongside other politicians opposing Narendra Modi’s government – placing Apple in a potentially delicate position.

A security researcher was also alerted, and shared a copy of the alert message he was sent, in which Apple advised enabling Lockdown Mode …

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Google was once bold enough to expect Apple to pre-install its search app on every iPhone

As the Department of Justice’s antitrust case against Google continues, more details about the company’s relationship with Apple have emerged. This time, testimony from Google CEO Sundar Pichai has revealed that Google once pitched Tim Cook on building a version of the Google Search app that would come pre-loaded on every iPhone.

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Google payments to be default search engine totalled $26B; execs wanted to reduce Apple’s cut [U]

Google payment to Apple | Android phone making GPay payment

Update: Google wanted to keep the sum confidential, but a judge just ordered that the total sum paid – across Apple and other platforms – should be disclosed in the ongoing antitrust case. More at the bottom.

A new report says that the growing size of the Google payment to Apple to remain the default search engine on Apple devices concerned senior execs at the search giant – and they wanted to use EU law as a mechanism to reduce it …

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Chinese iPhone sales fell 10%, as Huawei reemerges as competitor

Chinese iPhone sales hit by Huawei | Mate 60 Pro line-up shown

A new market intelligence report suggests that Chinese iPhone sales fell 10% year-on-year, between Q3 2022 and the same quarter this year. This was significantly worse than the overall 3% decline in the Chinese smartphone market.

Several explanations are offered, but a key one is the surprise reemergence of Huawei as a competitor – with US sanctions-busting or industrial espionage suspected …

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Apple could again be caught in crossfire as Foxconn investigated; China issues non-denial [U]

China investigates Foxconn | Zhengzhou, home to iPhone City

Apple has already found itself impacted by a diplomatic row between the US and China, and now faces the prospect of being caught up in politics between China and Taiwan. A Chinese investigation of Foxconn has been announced by state media.

Update: China has today described the investigation as a routine police matter, but has not directly addressed the widespread belief that it is attempting to apply political pressure – more at the bottom …

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Apple set to announce next-level ‘right to repair’ support nationwide, says White House

Apple Self Service Repair | iPhone repair in progress

In a switch-up on its previous position of opposition, Apple supported California’s Right to Repair Act back in August. Now the White House has pre-announced that Apple is ready to unveil it’s going to “make parts, tools, and documentation” available for both independent repair businesses and consumers nationwide. Here’s what we know so far.

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Apple rebuffs request for Eddy Cue to testify in NFL Sunday Ticket class action lawsuit

Apple was once believed to be the front-runner for acquiring rights to NFL Sunday Ticket, but talks eventually broke down and paved the way for YouTube to acquire the rights starting this year.

Meanwhile, the NFL has found itself embroiled in a class action lawsuit over the closed-door negotiations for Sunday Ticket rights, but Apple says that it wants no part in that lawsuit.

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Carbon-neutral Apple Watch claims rejected as bogus: Term will be banned in Europe

Carbon neutral Apple Watch claims | Series 9 promo image

Last month’s Apple event included the announcement of what the company claimed were two carbon-neutral Apple Watches, the Series 9 and Ultra 2. But that claim has today been rejected as “bogus” by the European consumer organization BEUC.

The European Union has proposed that it will in the future be illegal to claim that a product is carbon neutral when that claim relies on offsetting credits to balance out the actual greenhouse gas emissions involved in production …

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Luxshare: From Foxconn production line worker to leading Apple supplier

Luxshare campus

As Tim Cook continues a rather comprehensive tour of China with a visit to a Luxshare Apple Watch factory, the WSJ has an interesting profile on how the Apple supplier worked its way up from making iPad cables to becoming one of Apple’s most important manufacturing and development partners.

The story of Luxshare founder Wang Laichun, aka Grace Wang, is a true rags-to-riches one. She started out as a Foxconn production line worker, manually adding components to circuit boards …

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Apple search payment is the heart of the antitrust case against Google, says judge

Apple money

While the Department of Justice has accused Google of a range of anti-competitive behaviors, the judge in the case has said that the Apple search payment is “the heart” of the matter.

The implication is clear. If that deal is illegal, then Google will lose the case, and the company may have to be broken up. Conversely, if the court finds that the payment was legal, then Google likely wins, as the other charges are comparatively minor …

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Apple wins approval to use ultra-fast 6GHz band for Vision Pro, CarPlay, and more

Apple Vision Upgrade Program | A flurry of Vision Pro headsets

The FCC in the US has officially given Apple, Meta, and Google the go-ahead to tap into the 6GHz band for wireless devices. This comes four years after the companies teamed up to petition the FCC for access to this spectrum, with one of the biggest use cases being for augmented reality and virtual reality devices.

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TSMC earnings back reports of relatively weak iPhone 15 demand

TSMC earnings indicate a rainy day for Apple | Chinese Apple Store in the rain

The latest TSMC earnings report appears to provide further evidence for recent reports of relatively weak iPhone 15 demand – when compared to last year’s iPhone 14 lineup.

While the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models appear popular, it seems demand for these isn’t high enough to offset disappointing sales of the base and Plus models …

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Apple fires multiple App Store employees after probe reveals business misconduct and sexual assault allegation

apple store developers

According to a new report from The Information, Apple recently fired several members of its App Store team in China over “business misconduct.” Through a year-long internal investigation, Apple reportedly uncovered a variety of misdoings, including improper contact with mobile game developers, sexual assault, and more.

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Tim Cook meets with China commerce minister amid reports of disappointing iPhone 15 sales

Apple CEO Tim Cook is in China this week, visiting Apple Stores, touring Apple supply chain partners, and meeting with government officials. Amid reports that iPhone 15 sales are off to a slower start than the iPhone 14, Cook met with China’s commerce minister Wang Wentao and discussed a “win-win development” for the two parties.

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